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What WBB Participants Say


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WBB is a not a tour operator or agency; we are a mentoring, empowering and facilitating platform

Extreme Overland drives are self-drive expeditions that head out to remote lands. Inherently expeditionary in nature it needs attributes such as self-reliance, adaptability, resilience, resolve etc.

Historically this domain has evolved from the few forgotten wanderers who risked it all to travel the globe on terrain they did not know of and mingling with cultures they had no idea about while taking uncertainty and ambiguity in their stride.

Over time, the tribe of such over landers has sharply risen, now making the domain a discipline in itself.

World over, these drives / journeys / expeditions distinguish themselves from mere road trips or overland drives (mostly major highways and a few pot holed roads etc), by the sheer fact that they are rooted through the unknown, they aspire for what may seem outlandish and unachievable and most definitely involve terrain that is remote, extreme bereft of creature comforts, luxury and the likes. Given the sheer nature of such journeys, they are premised on the fact that vulnerability, and being out of comfort seeds the beginnings of self-growth wherein learning, unlearning and relearning are part of a never-ending loop.

The greatest value becomes the expedition within an individual who undertakes such drives.

WBB are pioneers in seeding extreme overlanding into the Indian context. WBB offers carefully curated, 4×4, self-drive expeditions to explore remote lands worldwide.

Our journeys are not just physical (terrain, difficulty, driving, culture, food, etc.) but
require an individual to undertake an equally intense journey within.

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Wander Beyond Boundaries upholds the spirit of adventure and exploration. We conceptualize, plan and lead first of its kind extreme terrain expeditions on routes unknown or lesser-known across the globe, on challenging terrain, reaching out to remote lands and hidden cultures in an effort to calibrate our lens for life 

Across Shamshabari, Kashmir

First Civilian Effort to cross the main Shamshabari ridge in the peak of winter in North Kashmir


  • Led a team of weathered 4×4 extreme terrain drivers to Tangdhar & Teethwal, Machchil, Razdaan pass touching the Line of Control across Shamshabari in North Kashmir in Feb 2021 

Kel Suu, Kyrgyzstan

First Team of Indian Self Drive Enthusiasts to reach Kel Suu in winter, remote high attitude frozen lake in Kyrgyzstan


  • Led a team of 12 self-drive enthusiasts in Feb 2020 on an extreme overland winter expedition to a high altitude frozen lake, Kel Suu, located in the Tien Shan mountains of Southern Kyrgyzstan to become the first Indian team to drive in temperature below -30 degrees centigrade weathering tricky snow and ice terrain.

Pole of Cold, Siberia

India’s First Team of Self-Drive Enthusiasts to reach the Pole of Cold in Russia’s Far East


  • Mammoth first of its kind Indian extreme overland expedition to the coldest inhabited place on earth – Oymyakon or the Pole of Cold. Led a team of 4 self-drive enthusiasts to become the first Indian company to have successfully managed and executed an extremely difficult self-drive expedition covering a total of 20,033kms across 7 time

Muddy Tracks, Nagaland

India’s first team of extreme terrain enthusiasts to traverse Nagaland


  • Opened up an extremely remote, offroad route that had never been done before – south to north, running parallel to the Myanmar border in May 2019. Supported by Mahindra Adventure, the convoy had 8 vehicles, all Mahindra Thars and 14 off-road

Mustang Valley

World’s First Crew of Women Drivers to reach Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang


  • Led the world’s first crew of women drivers to Lo- Manthang, in Upper Mustang, Nepal in April 2018. Lo Manthang is considered among the world’s top three most dangerous roads and involves acute off road driving acumen where the man and machine were put to test.

Solo Pole of Cold, Siberia

World’s First Winter Solo to the Pole of Cold, the coldest inhabited place on earth


  • In Dec 2016, Nidhi Tiwari undertook one of the most defining extreme overland expeditions in history to drive on the Road of Bones from Yakutsk to Magadan in the peak of winters in temperature as low as -59 degrees centigrade. Nidhi became the first woman in the world to reach Oymyakon (the Pole of Cold or coldest inhabited placed on earth) and the first Indian ever to drive to the Pole of Cold.

Delhi To London

India’s First Trans-Continental Expedition by Road by Delhi to London


  • Nidhi (single driver) led an all women three member team and became first woman to single-handedly drive a transcontinental distance of 23,800kms across 17 countries over 97 days from July to Oct 2015 in a Mahindra Scorpio.

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