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Wander Beyond Boundaries is a coming together of many years spent exploring small and big trails,

mud tracks and roads; taking the less-trodden paths, coping with surprises and hiccups – all along in an attempt to make travel an experience of a lifetime.

We are not new to off-beat and expeditionary travel. From the first cycling trip undertaken over 30 years ago, to innumerable hikes all over the country and abroad for the last three decades, to extended periods spent with indigenous communities (Deewaru, Brokpa, Konyaks, Masaai, nomads of central Asia etc.), and path breaking, first of its kind expeditions (1st All Women Expedition from Delhi to London by road, India’s 1st Overland Solo to the Pole of Cold etc.), we have been organizing overland drives & extreme overland (XOL) training programs (Mustang Overland, Himalayan XOL) for the last 3 years.

Led by Nidhi & Satty, the quest to push boundaries (both within & outside) has been an inherent need for both as they introduce people to an enriching world beyond boundaries.

Given the core team’s commitment to education, Wander Beyond Boundaries also undertakes Expeditions for Education (E4E). These are unique, first-of-its-kind attempts that not only encapsulate an adventurer’s journey, but also aim to introduce students to a remote corner of the globe that they know or study little about. The first E4E was India’s 1st Overland Solo to the Pole of Cold undertaken in 2016 wherein students from 15 schools all across the country virtually travelled with the explorer (through many Skype session), were given reading tasks and assignments about the area. Learning was huge and we hope to embark on many more such.

What is an XOL (Extreme Overland)?

Extreme Overland drives are self-drive expeditions that head out to remote lands. Inherently expeditionary in nature it needs attributes such as self-reliance, adaptability, resilience, resolve etc. Historically this domain has evolved from the few forgotten wanderers who risked it all to travel the globe on terrain they did not know of and mingling with cultures they had no idea about while taking uncertainty and ambiguity in their stride.

WBB As Pioneers

Over time, the tribe of such over landers has sharply risen, now making the domain a discipline in itself. World over, these drives / journeys / expeditions distinguish themselves from mere road trips or overland drives (mostly major highways and a few pot holed roads etc), by the sheer fact that they are rooted through the unknown, they aspire for what may seem outlandish and unachievable and most definitely involve terrain that is remote, extreme bereft of creature comforts, luxury and the likes. Given the sheer nature of such journeys, they are premised on the fact that vulnerability, and being out of comfort seeds the beginnings of self-growth wherein learning, unlearning and relearning are part of a never-ending loop.

The greatest value becomes the expedition within an individual who undertakes such drives. 

WBB are pioneers in seeding extreme overlanding into India… We showcase that journeys are not just Physical (terrain, difficulty, driving, culture, food etc.) but requires an individual to undertake an equally intense journey within.

* Pioneers in extreme overlanding, delivering never before experiences via self-drive expeditions. Driven over 340,000kms on extreme terrain tracks, trails and roads in 30+ countries across the world

* Expeditionary, rigorous, challenging and uphold the supremacy of the human spirit

* Our core strengths are extreme terrain 4wd based driving, unknown or lesser known routes exploration, extreme overland (XOL) skills training, conceptualising and leading 4WD based extreme terrain self-drive journeys

* Vast exposure and skill for variety of terrain – snow, ice, mud, slush, rock & shrub and sand

* Founded by Nidhi Salgame Tiwari (the 1st woman to drive a trans-continental distance from Delhi to London and the 1st Indian to drive to the Pole of Cold in North-Eastern Siberia) and Col. S Malik, SM, Retd. (an ex. Army man having served for 24 years with many years of operational experience in extreme terrain driving in Kashmir, Sikkim, Congo and beyond)

* Knowledge of preventive maintenance and vehicle management – undertaken several single car expeditions without back up

* Understanding of road rules and regulations in most parts of the world

* Local liaison in remote corners of the world * Equipped for medical emergencies – Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician(WEMT) on board

* Planning, Managing and Leading an overland expedition 

WBB Expedition Portfolio 

Pole Of Cold

First team to self-drive to the coldest point on Earth

First All Women

Trans-Continental Expedition by Road from Delhi to London, 2015

Kel Suu Winter

Kyrgyzstan, 2019

WBB - Porsche

Himalayan XOL, 2016

Uganda XOL

Pearl in the Bush, 2019

Himalayan XOL

Skills Training, 2016

Muddy Tracks, Nagaland

First expedition though Nagaland by a team

India’s First Overland Solo

to the Pole of Cold and on the Road of Bones, North-Eastern Siberia, 2016

WBB - Isuzu

Spiti XOL, 2017

Mahindra Adventure Sikkim XOL, 2018

Kashmir Revealed – Drive along the LOC, Dec 2018 • Muddy Tracks, Nagaland, May 2019 • Siberia Overland, Aug 2019 • Pole of Cold, Sept 2019

Authentic Mustang

Nov 2019

WBB - Mahindra Adventure ‘Mustang Overland’

First crew of women drivers to reach Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang, 2018

What Next?

Join us on a first-of-its-kind expedition


Core Team

An extreme terrain driver, outdoor educator, off-road jeeper and overland adventurer who specializes in extreme overlanding (XOL) and believes that mobility is key to empowerment for women.

Besides being the first woman to drive a transcontinental distance of 23,800 kms from Delhi to London, and the first Indian to drive to the Pole of Cold and on the Road of Bones in Siberia, she has a volume of outdoor and jeeping experience in the Western Ghats, Indian Himalayan states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nepal, Bhutan, USA, South Africa and Kenya and has driven a variety of SUVs.

She has also been organizing XOL training programs for driving enthusiasts in the Himalayas for the last 3 years. Given the expertise, Nidhi Salgame Tiwari also drives for different automobile manufacturers who wish to expose their vehicles to extreme terrain (Porsche, Isuzu, Mahindra etc.).

Most recently, she conceptualized, organized and led Mustang Overland – which created history – the world’s first team of women drivers reached Lo Manthang in Upper Mustang, Nepal, counted as among the top 3 most treacherous roads in the world. Nidhi brings in the zeal and hunger to go where no one has, a certain raw nerve that is required to be an adventurer.


Core Team

An overland driver, swimmer, kayaker, mountain biker and a true blue outdoors person, Satty has driven extensively all over India, especially in Sikkim and the North East, on some of the toughest roads and in inhospitable weather.

His off-roading skills were honed in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), a country that has less than 300 kms of paved road, where he was based for a full year. Satty’s admin and organizational skills holds us in good shape. He brings in structure that helps keep the focus. 









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