“This whole myth about women being bad drivers needs to be broken. The more you drive, the more confident you become,” she adds.

Delhi-based Tiwari specialises in long distance and high-altitude driving, and is also the first woman to drive a transcontinental distance from Delhi to London. She is also the founder of Women Beyond Boundaries (WBB), an organisation that runs extreme overland (XOL) journeys in an attempt to achieve women empowerment through mobility.

Tiwari is currently on a 20-day expedition during which she will cover around 4,000 kilometres and ride through the treacherous and challenging Himalayan terrain, along with her co-driver, Neha V Sadananda. This expedition, for which WBB has joined hands with German sports car manufacturer Porsch, aims to showcase women’s empowerment through mobility and by raising awareness about women’s health and cancer in the remotest corners of the country.

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