Expeditions for Education

About E4E

  • Undertake path-breaking overland drives to remote corners of the world
  • Locate education in the real world – give it context, meaning and relevance
  • Take students on “virtual” journeys to observe, reflect and learn about:
  1. What it takes to undertake one such – the strength of character involved
  2. Multiple realities of life in the region - people, socio-economic, cultural, environmental, geo-political etc.
  • Provide a real window for students to interact directly with peers in remote corners
  • Become an educational probe for students to use
  • Help students build their personal lens for the world – one that is rooted in reality and self-awareness
  • Highlight that “strength of character” is what it takes to navigate life
  • Help students steer through the chaos of information; move away from binaries and accommodate multiplicities
  • Provide exposure to complex issues through the eyes of local people – another narrative
  • Enable young people to celebrate diversity, difference and the tenacity required to make a mark in this world
  • Assist students to investigate how history, topography, politics and resources in the region impact aspirations of young people and development as a whole
  • Put the spotlight on inner strength and character; guide students to become self-aware
A canvas for observation
  • Character required to undertake path-breaking tasks or thrive despite all odds
  • What it takes - trials, tribulations, adversity and more
  • Expose students to the idea of multiple realities, perspectives
  • Juxtapose historical multiplicities
  • Seed self-awareness
Function as an educational probe
  • Questions from students are directly posed to people on the ground
  • Facilitate peer interactions through skype; students from urban schools speak to their peers in remote corners
  • Through vlogs, periodic updates, trivia is shared with students. Students then take on small research tasks to complete the learning loop

Recent E4E

Nidhi Salgame &
Satty Malik

Two people will drive over 3000 kms tracing the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir through some of the remotest lands and harsh terrain in an effort to showcase history, military significance, topography, socio-economic conditions, and also shed light on some of forgotten yet intense battles in the region which have shaped life and landscape








process - Pre Journey


School signs up as a partner school; assigns a teacher coordinator who will interface with BBO BBO will create a digital dashboard and provides school with an individual login School has access to resource bank – simple readings about planned route, natural areas, people, contemporary literature on conflict, history etc.


Teacher Coordinator will hand out readings to students; students could either work in groups or as individuals and list questions they would like answers for, with respect to reading and/or otherwise Students undertake a preliminary self-reflection task on what it would take to undertake to thrive in an area like this. Teacher Coordinator collates questions, feedback from self-reflection activity and uploads on digital dashboard


Educators visit the school for an hour long interactive session Explain thought, motivation and idea behind this journey Make students conversant in ways they can follow the journey – dashboard, social media etc. Define proposed outcome from the journey – both for students and themselves Ignite curiosity and loads of excitement!

process - During Journey


WBB will put out periodic updates for students on dashboard, social media and other forums Updates will include progress of the expedition, daily events, interviews with local people, answers to few selected questions, photographs and also self-development check-ins on part of expeditioners BBO will also give out research tasks for students to complete


WBB will coordinate with Teacher Coordinator and fix up a mutually convenient time for an skype/audio session with students Educators will attempt to find answers to student questions on an on-going basis Educators will put out field interviews with local people for students get first-hand feedback on life in these areas


WBB will facilitate two inschool student to student interactions wherein students in partner schools can directly connect with students in local schools in these areas and converse with each other

process - Post Journey

  • Educators will visit the school for a two hour session with students
  • First part of session will function as a de-brief of learning both for expeditioners and students themselves
  • Second part of session will be a short interactive experience based module on self-awareness which will draw from self-reflection tasks undertaken by students both pre, during and post expedition

What we hope to achieve

Students will be able to:

  • Appreciate a few alternate narratives about J & K – besides the binary viewpoints they are routinely exposed to on TV
  • Trace the history of J & K through ancient, medieval and modern periods of history
  • Map how the Line of Control has emerged to be what it is today – 1948, 1965, 1971 wars and their impact on the LOC
  • Articulate their own lens – how they view the area now – gathered through their interpretation and learning from trivia shared, research tasks, videos and live skype sessions
  • Comprehend ground realities – skype with their peers in remote schools on the LOC
  • Develop a holistic understanding of the Kashmir issue which is drawn from the field, largely void of bias

What we hope to achieve-larger Goal

We will: 

  • Bring to fore multiple narratives
  • Facilitate national integration – as students speak directly to their counterparts in remote areas
  • Enhance cross-cultural understanding, thereby build empathy and compassion
  • Influence character – students with such varied exposure, coupled with self-reflection tasks are bound to be more self-aware and perceptive
  • Ensure that self-awareness stays central – help students locate and navigate the world ridden with conflicting multiplicities


  • Government of India
  • Progressive Schools from across the country
  • All Brands working with schools/students
  • Corporates – as part of CSR can sponsor schools
  • Auto manufacturers – will need a 4×4 SUV
  • Media houses
  • Tech companies
  • Digital learning platforms
  • IT & Telecom companies
  • Fuel companies, oils & lubricant manufacturers
  • Camera brands
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